Company Profile

Founded October 1984, Sure Cast, Inc. is located 45 miles northwest of Austin in Burnet, Texas. A full-service foundry specializing in high quality precision metal castings.


Sure Cast, Inc. combines the best of two worlds...a modern facility and a management team with over 125 years combined experience in investment casting.


Sure Cast, Inc. is established as a reliable and profitable foundry producing high-quality parts with on-time delivery. The following is a partial list of alloys that are successfully investment cast:

Plain Carbon Steels

Alloy Steels

Cast Irons

Acid & Heat Resistant SS

Stainless Steels

Copper Nickels

Precipitation Hardening Alloys

Cobalt Base


Tool Steels

Copper Base

Lead Free

Duplex Alloys

Nickel Base


Ductile Iron