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200 Sure Cast Drive • P.O. Box 930 • Burnet, TX  78611

PHONE:  (512) 756-6500 • FAX:  (512) 756-6700



Excellent people and equipment achieve excellent results.  At Sure Cast, Total Customer Service means investing in people and equipment to build the future.  Sure Cast personnel develop management and technical skills through in-house training as well as continuing education.  Team participation in management means sharing responsibility for meeting goals and objectives.  Also, Sure Cast invests in technically advanced equipment to further assure quality.  The quality people and equipment at Sure Cast mean a quality product for you.

William Wurster, CEO, ext 12

Dale Wurster, President, ext 21

Clint Olson, Machine Shop Manager, ext 33

Craig Sanders, Engineering Manager, ext 11

Don Allen, Quality Assurance Manager, ext 31

Bennie Clark, M.I.S./Accounting/Purchasing Manager, ext 24

Human Resource Department, ext 18

Brian Mantz, Value-Added Time Manager, ext 26

Mike Kirk, Customer Service Manager, ext 40


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